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Plantation Shutters: Which Window Treatments are Best?

Selecting the right window covering can be hard, but at Shades on Wheels, we’ve got you covered.  Well your windows, at least! When you are looking to complete a room, generally window coverings like drapes, shades or blinds can help you achieve the style you’re hoping to achieve.  But how do you decide what kind […]

Blinds: How to Repair Blinds with Broken Slats

Recently a customer called our office to ask about blinds.  It seems an anxious German Shephard puppy was not too thrilled with her owners leaving the home and bit through multiple slats on their blinds.  Now when they close the blinds, they get a few broken ones, a few with teeth marks and a few […]

Shutters: 5 Ways to Reduce Condensation on Your Windows

Occasionally, you may find a window or two throughout your home that has moisture on the inside.  While a bit annoying, many homemakers may overlook this problem.  However, it is important to note that it could be a hidden hazard.  Moisture might build up within your nearby walls causing mold growth.  Your drywall or wallpaper […]

Shades: Creating a Visual Impact Inside and Out

The exterior upkeep of your home is just as important as taking care of the interior.  You want your home to look its best so you can enjoy the benefits of being a homeowner with a nice well-kept home and at the same time give your home’s interior the attention it deserves.  At Shades on […]

Draperies: ‘Sheer’ Elegance

Each week we discuss the many options of window treatments that you can use to adorn your windows and complement your interior décor.  Window coverings are eye-catching and functional, yet sometimes, you may have a room that doesn’t need blinds or shutters.  Still, the room may feel like it is missing something.  So, what would […]

Blinds: The Right Window Treatment for your New Windows

At Shades on Wheels, windows are our business.  We see them as the eyes to your world allowing you to take in the changing of seasons, the smiles of neighbors, and as a protection to your home.  Occasionally, your home needs new windows.  They may be old with a crumbling frame or not functioning properly.  […]

Shutters: Remodel your Home Office

The number of people working from home is on a steady increase.  Men and women are opting to telecommute as companies are seeing the benefits of allowing employees to choose how and where they work.  Production increases, employees are happier, and in turn, profits go up. If your home office seems too plain and you […]

Draperies: 5 Ways to Incorporate a Valance into your Home

At Shades on Wheels we talk a lot about window coverings.  After all, that’s our business.   We carry blinds, shades, curtains, and shutters for any sized window of your home.  But, did you know we also carry valances and cornices? Valances are a great way to showcase your windows and there are many places where […]

Quick Fixes for your Blinds

Let’s face it.  If you have kids or rambunctious pets, it has crossed your mind at one time or another that you can’t have nice things, right?  Wrong!  Kids may come with messy faces and greasy fingers, but that’s why we love them.  Their adorable smiles and fresh perspective on life is why we work […]

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