Blinds: How to Repair Blinds with Broken Slats

Recently a customer called our office to ask about blinds.  It seems an anxious German Shephard puppy was not too thrilled with her owners leaving the home and bit through multiple slats on their blinds.  Now when they close the blinds, they get a few broken ones, a few with teeth marks and a few simply missing as the dog thought burying them in the bed was a far better place for them.

So what are your options?  We love our fur-babies and understand the hills and valleys of being a dog owner.  Likely, the dog should have been crated, but according to the homeowner, that makes the situation worse!  At best, this is a puppy phase that the dog will outgrow.

For your blinds, you need not worry.  You can replace them or repair them, and repairing your blinds is not as hard as you might think.  Most blinds have extra slats at the bottom that hang past the window trim.  These are great to use as replacements.  So let’s take a look at how you can replace your broken slats.

  1. With the blinds still hung, mark each slat that you want to replace with a piece of painters tape. A tiny piece at the edge will do.  Also mark the last slat that hangs just past your bottom window frame.  Any slats below this one will work as replacements.
  2. Use a flat had screw driver to pop out any plastic caps or coverings on the bottom of your blinds. These act as anchors and keep the string from pulling through.  You may have to snip them off.  Set them aside for later.
  3. Set your blinds so they are still hanging but open. Begin removing the slats; pull the string up through their holes and then slide the slats out.  Remove what you need until you get to the broken or damaged ones.
  4. Now you just need to slide the slats back in (minus the damaged ones, of course). If one side of your blinds is a bit different than the other, make sure they are all on the same side facing up.  A needle with a large eyelet, your flat-head screwdriver, or an object like a toothpick will help you push the string back through the holes.  Thread the string back down through all of the slats.
  5. The base of your blinds completes the replacement step and should be moved up to wherever it needs to hang, depending on the number of slats you removed. Pull the string through the base’s holes and through the plastic cap.  Tie a knot at the bottom to anchor the line.  Snip off the extra.

That’s all there is to it!  You don’t have to remove your blinds for this fix, and only need a bit of patience;  maybe binge-watch a new series while you work.

Of course, if the damage is extensive, or if you simply are ready to have the best blinds for your windows, then give us a call at Shades on Wheels.  Call us at 617-332-0603 to schedule your in-home appointment or go to our Facebook page for more information:

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