Blinds: The Right Window Treatment for your New Windows

At Shades on Wheels, windows are our business.  We see them as the eyes to your world allowing you to take in the changing of seasons, the smiles of neighbors, and as a protection to your home.  Occasionally, your home needs new windows.  They may be old with a crumbling frame or not functioning properly.  Though we aren’t in the window replacement business, we do know a thing or two about getting ready for new windows.

Any construction project introduces construction dust into your home.  It is usually a fine dust that seems to adhere to everything.  While not ideal, it is important to look at the big picture.  When your project is complete, you’ll have beautiful new windows that will help lower your energy bills, work properly, and improve your view.  The mess leading up to this doesn’t last, but you can take steps to minimize the dust and cleanup process so you have more time to enjoy your scenery when the project is finished.  The following tips are aimed at helping you reduce the construction dust from taking over your home.

  • Before the project begins, move and cover furniture in the room and near the windows with a sheet or tarp.
  • During the project, vacuum every night after the workers have left. This will keep the dust from filtering throughout your home and make the final cleanup a piece of cake.
  • Wipe down or dust furniture and hard surfaces at night as well. When the work starts the next day, a nice breeze has the potential to blow the construction dust in multiple directions.
  • Turn your furnace or air conditioner off when there is construction occurring. You’ll prevent your HVAC system from spreading the dust throughout your home.
  • After the project is completed, vacuum and dust again after carefully removing the covers from your furniture. Shake them out outside to prevent added dust in your home. 

If you prepare in advance of the window replacement project, you will have a much easier time cleaning any remaining dust up afterwards.  Wipe down the new windowsills and sit back and enjoy your new windows.

Of course, for the best view, you’ll want new blinds to accompany your windows.  Use your existing blinds, or if the dimensions of the frames have changed a bit with the new window, then give us a call for a new custom measurement.  We’ll bring the showroom to you so you can decide on what style and material look best with your new windows. 

At Shades on Wheels, we have an endless supply of window treatments so you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect look for your home.  Give us a call to schedule your in-home appointment at 617-332-0603.  You can also learn more about our services and solutions by visiting our Facebook page at


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