Draperies: 5 Ways to Incorporate a Valance into your Home

At Shades on Wheels we talk a lot about window coverings.  After all, that’s our business.   We carry blinds, shades, curtains, and shutters for any sized window of your home.  But, did you know we also carry valances and cornices?

Valances are a great way to showcase your windows and there are many places where your traditional window coverings can gain a whole new look with this simple addition.  A valance is a soft window covering that is installed at the top of your window.  Similarly, cornices are fabric-covered boards that can be utilized to hide the hardware used to hang window coverings.  They typically are installed outside the frame of the window. 

Both cornices and valances are great ways to show off your design talent.  For those of you that might think design is not your thing, that’s okay.  We’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the most popular placements for valances in your home.

  1. Multiple side-by-side windows– A long uninterrupted valance will unite the windows into a uniform appearance. You can add shades or draperies for a complete look or do without.
  2. Picture windows or bare windows– Large picture windows get a framed finish when you add a valance. If there is a bare window in your home, a kitchen or laundry room window, a valance can soften up the room.
  3. Make a bold statement– A bright, multi-patterned valance or cornice board is a great way to accent a muted or neutral painted room.
  4. Added layers– Add depth to any room where you have draperies. The vertical lines of curtains, offset by the horizontal line of a valance creates a layered room and a finished, sophisticated look.
  5. Outside of the box– A valance does not have to be reserved solely for windows. Think creatively.  With some sheer drapes and a beautiful valance you can create a masterpiece over the head of a bed fit for a princess.

Whatever you decide to do, Shades on Wheels can help.  With so many selections to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fabric for your valance.  Mix and match patterns and fabrics for a unique look customized to your style.  Blend hues from our variety of draperies with the accent of a valance for a rich, elegant room.  We bring our showroom to your door and we’ll measure your windows for a perfect fit.  You can browse through our design books for ideas and styles until you find the style that is best for your home. 

Any window covering will improve the appearance of your room.  Draperies create a warm feel that complement your furniture, décor, and architecture.  We have neutral tones and bold fabrics, patterned and textured.  Any look is achievable. 

If you’d like to explore our drapes and valance options, call us at 617-332-0603 to schedule your in-home consultation.  You can learn more about us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/shadesonwheelsnw. We look forward to helping you complete your home with beautiful material and designs perfect for you. 

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