Draperies: ‘Sheer’ Elegance

Each week we discuss the many options of window treatments that you can use to adorn your windows and complement your interior décor.  Window coverings are eye-catching and functional, yet sometimes, you may have a room that doesn’t need blinds or shutters.  Still, the room may feel like it is missing something.  So, what would make it better?  A fresh coat of paint?  A new throw pillow?   Or, perhaps a softer approach with a sheer curtain?

Sheer draperies are one of the easiest ways to turn a hum-drum room into an elegant escape Sheer drapes:

  • Soften the hard lines of a room
  • Create a warm atmosphere
  • Work with any style of home
  • Can add additional texture to a room
  • Filter in natural light for a cozy, sophisticated effect.

Sheer curtains can be used in a number of ways to create a billowy, dream-type elegance to any space in your home.  They tend to blend into the décor with a quiet, yet bold statement.  For example, in a front picture window, shades and blinds might not have the look you are trying to achieve.  Draperies, when closed, might be too dark for the room.  A sheer drape will filter in the natural light while creating a warm, hazy quality that softens the windows. 

Here are some other locations and rooms in your home where sheer draperies can make a maximum visual impact:

  • Screened porch: A 3-season or screened in porch is a great place to add light weight curtains.  You’ll turn your porch into a sophisticated hideaway where you can enjoy an evening cocktail or your morning coffee.  The curtains will help block out direct sun low on the horizon and the effect is a bit like an island bungalow.
  • Outdoor patios: Along the same lines as your porch, you can use sheer curtains to build a calm retreat in your own backyard.  Hang long sheer drapes from a pergola or post and add white lights or lanterns for a romantic atmosphere.
  • Living room: Your family or living room may have a larger windows that you’re unsure how to decorate.  Consider hanging long drape panels on both sides and a sheer curtain with a complementing pattern or texture that runs the entire width of the window.  With this effect, you’ll have a bit of privacy with a sophisticated layered look.

A dream utopia can be achieved with a sheer bed canopy draped with elegant panels.  A kitchen window may benefit from a small sheer curtain to block your neighbors from seeing your morning side.  Wherever you place them, you can count on sheer drapes to be the final touch to finish out your home in elegance and sophistication.  At Shades on Wheels, we love how sheer draperies compliment any home.  Let us bring our samples to your home so you can see how we can transform your living space into a spectacular, professionally-decorated interior.

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