Quick Fixes for your Blinds

Let’s face it.  If you have kids or rambunctious pets, it has crossed your mind at one time or another that you can’t have nice things, right?  Wrong!  Kids may come with messy faces and greasy fingers, but that’s why we love them.  Their adorable smiles and fresh perspective on life is why we work hard to do our best by them.  The same can be said for our furry friends.  As for your things…they’re just things.  Chances are there are easy ways to fix broken items and simplified ways to clean up after they’ve made a mess.

Take your window blinds, for instance.  Window coverings are great until they break or stop providing the function for which they were made.  There may be many reasons your blinds have stopped working, perhaps a child tried to play Spiderman or your dog thought they looked like a tasty treat.  Regardless of the reason, at Shades on Wheels, we have a few tips to restore your blinds to their original condition.  Two of the most common problems have simple fixes that take only a few minutes of your time.

Tracks that stick
Vertical blinds that don’t open easily may need a little TLC.  These window coverings are great for sliding doors, but if they stop working, or become more difficult to open and close, then they’re not really doing their job.

First, slide the vertical blinds across the window as far as you can.  Next, use the pull cord or rod to slant them to the open position.  Then, manually twist all misaligned slats into place by grabbing them at the top and turning them until they are all parallel to each other.  The final step is to spray silicone spray or WD-40 into the interior of the track in a few spots.  Catch drips with a paper towel.  Pull the blinds open and closed two or three times in order to spread the lubricant. 

Horizontal slats that won’t open
If you have horizontal blinds that use a cord to adjust the slats, you may have one that stops working after a while due to a knot or kink in the string, or it has fallen off the track.  In most cases, the cord has simply come off its track.

To fix this, take down the blinds and lay them flat on the floor.  Look at the headrail to find the cord that is causing the problem.  The string would be the pull cord, or one of the other strings that help the slats move.  Fit the string back into its wheel and reattach your blinds.

For the most point, blinds are exceptionally durable and easy to maintain.  Still, something can always arise that cause your blinds to not work as they were intended.  By following our simple fixes, you can overcome most problems.  If above all else, you think it’s time for new blinds, then give us a call at Shades on Wheels.  We will bring our showroom to your door so you can select the best style and material for your home.  Call us at 617-332-0603 to schedule your free in-home visit or learn more about our products by visiting our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/shadesonwheelsnw.

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