Shades: Creating a Visual Impact Inside and Out

The exterior upkeep of your home is just as important as taking care of the interior.  You want your home to look its best so you can enjoy the benefits of being a homeowner with a nice well-kept home and at the same time give your home’s interior the attention it deserves.  At Shades on Wheels, we excel at interior design with our wide variety of window treatments.  We transform our clients’ existing homes with the finished look of window coverings which complement their design and decor. 

We also know the importance of your home’s exterior.  Some homeowners want to ensure their home makes a visual impact both inside and out.  So, today let’s look at how the colors of the exterior can work with the interior design and palette of the inside.

Curb Appeal
The ‘walk-up’ factor of your home is the first impression any guest or potential buyer sees.  The lines of your house can be complimented with vinyl siding or stone, brick or wood.  Every home is unique in this regard and you can mix and match textures to reflect the style of the structure.  For instance, if you have a Victorian home, you can blend colors and texture with paint and siding, and finish the turrets with copper or a beautiful shingle that pays homage to the time period.  For a coastal home, natural tans or light, airy colors paired with a charcoal or black shingle creates a stunning contrast.  Landscape adds to the appeal as well with manicured lawns and pruned shrubs. 

Your Surroundings
If every home on your street is tan, make yours stand out.  Natural shades are popular but tend to look blah when your neighbors’ homes look the same.  Consider a light gray partnered with black shingles, or a charcoal paint or siding with white trim and a light gray roof.  Bold accent colors are perfect for your door and look great when you add a planter of the same color family with bright flora.

The Interior
For the interior of your home, consider how you’d like to incorporate the outside and style of your home.  If the style of your home is Cape Cod or Colonial, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors and bursts of bright hues.  Draperies, shades, or shutters for your window treatments will blend with the style and create a warm ambiance. 

Contemporary homes do well with clean lines and sleek colors.  Utilize motorized shades throughout your home for their crisp lines and technology enhanced capabilities.  Metallic colors and crisp whites do well both inside and out.

For cabins or log homes, shades are, again, the best choice.  Fabric shades paired with a natural wooden interior enhance the architectural lines and complement the wood grain. 

As you can see shades are versatile and work with any number of styles.  With the range of colors and textures available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match to complement your home’s style both inside and outside.  When you’re ready to turn your home into a finished masterpiece, call Shades on Wheels.  We can be reached at 617-332-0603 or you can learn more about us on our Facebook page at

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