Shutters: 5 Ways to Reduce Condensation on Your Windows

Occasionally, you may find a window or two throughout your home that has moisture on the inside.  While a bit annoying, many homemakers may overlook this problem.  However, it is important to note that it could be a hidden hazard.  Moisture might build up within your nearby walls causing mold growth.  Your drywall or wallpaper can become damaged as well.  Down the line, the damage, if left untreated, will be more costly to fix.

If you do have moisture on the inside of your windows, there are a few things you can check to put a stop to this event.

  1. Check the location of your plants. Houseplants are great for raising the humidity levels in your home while cleaning your air and improving oxygen levels.  However, if they are causing too much humidity it could be the cause to your foggy windows.  Move the plant a bit further away or relocate them to another room in your home.
  2. Utilize ceiling fans. In the winter, set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise to push the warm air down.  You’ll improve the circulation of the room which will help dry the condensation forming on the windows.
  3. Turn your humidifier off or down. If you notice multiple windows have condensation on them within your home’s interior, your humidity level is set too high.  Humidifiers are great in the winter, but there is no need to run them in the summer.  The moisture levels outside are usually enough to make your home comfortable.  In the wintertime, moisture on your windows can ice over which is a great cue to turn the levels down a bit.
  4. Turn up the heat. Condensation is formed when a cold window and moisture connect.  By warming up the temperature within the home, you’ll warm up the window and decrease the moisture levels.
  5. If your laundry, bathroom, or kitchen windows have water on them, run the exhaust fan. The high humidity of these rooms combined with the water can cause mold problems.  Ventilate the room the best you can.

Once you’ve solved your window problem, you may want to consider shutters for the interior of your windows.  Shutters let you adjust the amount of light streaming into your home and when closed, will block the cold air from the outside from seeping inside and coming into contact moist air.

Shades on Wheels has a large selection of shutters for any of your windows.  You’ll create a finished look to your home and have the ability to adjust the slats as the weather necessitates.  Call our experts to learn what window treatments might be right for you or to request a home visit to view our samples.  We are available at 617-332-0603 or you can learn more about our Shutters on our Facebook page at


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