Shutters: Remodel your Home Office

The number of people working from home is on a steady increase.  Men and women are opting to telecommute as companies are seeing the benefits of allowing employees to choose how and where they work.  Production increases, employees are happier, and in turn, profits go up.

If your home office seems too plain and you are ready to turn your bare room into a professional space, our team at Shades on Wheels has collected a list that will transform your area into a sophisticated work space. 

  • Refresh the walls with your favorite paint color. Maybe you’d like a bright, cheery color or more neutral tones that soothe and calm.  Green hues are a popular choice for offices, but ideally, pick what color you like best.
  • Get rid of the bed. Many offices tend to double as a guest bedroom.  That’s great, but essentially, you’re just working out of a bedroom.  Instead, replace your bed with a comfortable couch that pulls out into a bed.  You can also build a murphy bed.  An extra bed is great for when friends and family come to visit, but you don’t need a bed taking up space that only gets used a few times each year.
  • Set up your office with your desk and a comfortable work chair. If your desk needs to updated, a fresh coat of paint or varnish will restore it back to life. 
  • Make sure the room is equipped with good lighting. A few lamps and a new ceiling light will transform the room from a bedroom to a professional space. 
  • Windows: Shutters are an ideal choice for your newly designed office.   They allow plenty of natural light in and can be adjusted to keep outside eyes from peering into your room.  The crisp finish of shutters creates a better professional feel than those of drapes or shades.  Additionally, you can control the amount of light that enters.
  • Create a sitting area. A comfortable, yet stylish chair or two will give you different perspectives from which to work.  They let you step away from your desk without leaving the office. 

Hang a few pieces of art work and add in your décor to personalize your space.  Now you’re ready to work in your newly remodeled office.  Gone will be the mindset that you are working out of your bedroom and you’ll have your professional room and attitude that you can look forward to working in every day. 

One of the best qualities about Shades on Wheels is that we understand how busy you are.  Let us bring our samples to you on your schedule.  We’ll measure your space and bring our showroom to you so you can select the best shutters for your space.  We’ll hang your shutters and be out of your space in no time so you can get back to work. 

Call us today at 617-332-0603 to schedule your in-home consultation.  For more information, you can also visit our Facebook page at

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